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how much water drink

Interesting question hey! Well, beleive it or not, this exactly worded question is asked about 50 times each and every day across the globe on Google alone. Many other similarly phrased questions are asked up into the thousands.

I have heard so much "advice" given on this question, but none of them made any sense to me at all and after trying them out I either found myself with a stomache full of water sloshing around or a dose of dehydration from going back in the other direction. Yep! Too Little.

So how much water should you drink?

Well, the amount of water that you drink really has little to do with it. You naturally seem to know how much water you need to drink so this question alone can be answered by you and you alone. The point being that it is the type of water that you are drinking that really matters.

What? Type of Water! Water is water, right!

Not at all. Ok! Water is water only when it is in it's pure form. That is distilled and with no possibility of contamination from any other source. Right!

Now, I am not going to go into any large scientific explanations in regard to the molecular structure of water and all or those isotopes, ionizations, chemicalizations and so forth ok! But what I am telling you is such common sense that it will make complete sense to you as it did when this was first explained to me in plain understandable language.

With these facts you will be able to do exactly as I have. Decide and know for yourself.

Fact Number 1. Water is water. It is made of two basic elements of which we have all heard of. These are hydrogen and oxygen. That is two parts of hydrogen for every one part of oxygen. H2O Right!

Fact Number 2. Water is able to carry a large multitude of other materials with it. A simple example of this is to add some dishwashing liquid and you have soapy water right! Ok! then I hope that you can also see that water can carry as well many other solutions, elements and pollutants along with it.

Fact Number 3. The water that comes out of the tap has travelled a long way to reach your drinking glass and along with additives given by the "authorities" for "our own health benefit" like chlorine and flourine just to mention two, a minuature submarine equiped with testing equipment that would be able to follow this journey would be the only way to truely tell what this water has come into contact with.

Most City Water Board Offices have a branch that allow you to go along and have your water tested or will be able to refer you to a contracting branch for a free or very cheap water testing and analysis. You will in most cases be frightfully surprised at what it is that you and your family are drinking and even more importantly what is the acidity level of the water that is flowing through your internal system day after day.

Ok! Would it be fair to assume that with the above information it really is very hard to know what is in your water. Well, how would you like to be able to control exactly what you are drinking each day and also be able to know that what you are drinking is the correct source of water that you body needs to be vitally hydrated each and every moment of the day. To do otherwise in any way will leave your body in an unneccessary state of dehydration.

This leads me to Fact Number 4 . Pure Water, that is H2O with absoltely no contaminents whatsoever is not what your body is crying out for and is far from what it was designed for.

That's right. Pure H2O will flush cleanly through your body, but will not give your body the service that it is looking for. Your body has been designed over a multi million year evolution on planet earth that has never had Pure H2O as part of its functioning necessity. You body needs water to be structured and preferably to be structured in a particular way.

Fact Number 5. Water has to be structured in a precise alkaline balance that will allow for it to be able to carry all of the necessary minerals and trace elements along with it and for your body to be able to absorb them. That means Electrolytes. Yep! without them your body will feel flat and non responsive. It is the electrolytes that allows the electrical flow needed to drive your body and every single essential organ in your body.

How do I ensure that all of these facts are catered for in the water that I am drinking.

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I wish you the best with this information that you have gained so far and hope that there are a few tips that you will carry with you.

Your welcome to come back any time and dig deeper into the great subject. What is as simple as a glass of water truely is a very expansive subject. I hope to hear of your personal successes in the near future.

Warmly, Mike King.



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